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As I wrote I discovered that writing, like reading, was done one word at a time, one punctuation mark at a time. It required what a friend calls "putting every word on trial for its life": changing an adjective, cutting a phrase, removing a comma, and putting the comma back in.

Francine Prose, Reading Like a Writer: A Guide for People

Who Love Books and for Those Who Want to Write Them


Recent Projects

It has been an honour and a joy to contribute to the creation and publication of my clients' books, newsletters and websites. Here is a sampling of recent projects.


Newsletters, reports, magazine articles, booklets, brochures


And my own recent work for parents and others in public education


A House Cat Called Tiger

A House Cat Called Tiger. Muriel Goodwin.

Published by Upton Press, Surrey, B.C., 2016.

Trade paperback, 70 pages


From the Acknowledgements . . .

A special thanks to Joyce Gram, whose exceptional kindness and professional support helped turn my ideas into a reality. She guided me through the process of shaping and styling the structure of the story, as well as copyediting the manuscript and proofreading at the end. Without her help, our memories would never have made it to print.

Muriel Goodwin

In Polygamy's Shadow

In Polygamy's Shadow: From a Mormon Childhood to a Life of Choice. Maggie Rayner.

Published by JKS Publishing, Vancouver, B.C., 2016.

Trade paperback, 248 pages

From the Acknowledgements . . .

My editor Joyce Gram, who gave me the permission I needed to write my childhood story without restraint. Thank you, Joyce, for reaffirming that I’m an adult now with a voice of my own.

Maggie Rayner

The Beggar's Dance

The Beggar's Dance. Farida Somjee.

Published by Farida Somjee, Vancouver, B.C., 2015.

Trade paperback, 280 pages

From the Acknowledgements . . .

Thank you to my brilliant editor, Joyce Gram. You are truly magical. Your edits made my voice shine through without changing my writing style. You’ve been more than an editor in this process, and I can proudly call you my friend.

Farida Somjee

Wine Within Your Comfort Zone

Wine Within Your Comfort Zone. Marla O'Brien.

Published by Earth Dance Press, Vancouver, B.C., 2014.

Self-help, 137 pages

From the Acknowledgements . . .

Joyce Gram, more than an editor, gifted in the art and mechanics of language, you have been an incredible editorial guide, even when our homes were 30 degrees and we were both melting. Thank you.

Marla O'Brien

Joe Stalin for King, Lady Astor for Queen and Me for Prime Minister

Joe Stalin for King, Lady Astor for Queen and Me for Prime Minister. Elizabeth Houlton Schofield.

Winner of the Storyteller's Award, Honourable Mention, Surrey International Writers' Conference 2014.

Joyce, I'm so thrilled to have the opportunity to work with you and delighted to share my success. I love what you bring to my work.

From Facebook . . .

With help from the greatest editor on this planet, Joyce Gram, a person who just "gets" my writing.

Elizabeth Schofield

Until Then

Until Then: A Journal of Grief, Loss, Love and Hope. Gail Stevenson.

Published by Regent College Publishing, Vancouver, B.C., 2014.

Memoir, 108 pages

The words "thank you" seem very inadequate. Yet they are the only words that convey my feelings for all your care and encouragement in the editing of my little book. You have made this book into readable form and you have given me the gift of encouragement.

Gail Stevenson

Love at First Sight

Love at First Sight: A 1950s Interracial Story. Bertha Washington Walker.

Published by Bertha Washington Walker, New Westminster, B.C., 2014.

Memoir, 222 pages


From the Acknowledgements . . .

I thank my editor, Joyce Gram, for clearly outlining what is required to produce an acceptable manuscript, for never being frustrated with me, and for making me feel like a real author.

Bert Walker

Ignite Your Fire, Brand Your Essence

Ignite Your Fire, Brand Your Essence: A Collection of Fiery Wisdom on Business and Life. Monica Magnetti, Branding Consultant.

Published by Monica Magnetti, Vancouver, B.C., 2013.

Ebook collection of blog entries and newsletters, 128 pages

You are so gifted, Joyce. You can take a crazy pile of words and string them together to make sense. You are a real artisan and storyteller. You understand the heart of the message and design every single word to complete a gorgeous picture.

Monica Magnetti

Water Window Mirror

Water Window Mirror. Gloria Barkley.

Published by Wattle and Daub Books, West Vancouver, B.C., 2013.

Poetry, 87 pages

Text design by Joyce Gram

Stumbling Toward Applause

Stumbling Toward Applause: Misadventures in Entertainment. Doug Matthews.

Published by Gear Six Creative, Port Moody, B.C., 2013.

Memoir, 176 pages

Joyce, thank you so much for your help with this. You caught a ton of stuff I would never have picked up in a million years.

Doug Matthews

Last Supper Murders

The Last Supper Murders. A novel by Don Cochrane. Published by Don Cochrane, 2012.

Trade paperback


Joyce, please accept my sincere thanks for your excellent services. Your standards in all areas of editing are the highest. Your suggestions for improvement and your expertise in every area, from cover selection to character development and printing advice, were invaluable and appreciated. Now that we have completed two books together, you may be sure that I would not entrust my next one to any other editor.

Don Cochrane

Conversations with Amelia

Conversations with Amelia. A novel by Kathleen Schmitt. Published by Just Tales Books, 2012.

Ebook, available on Amazon, Sony Reader, Kobo and Ebook Pie

Many, many thanks for all your wonderful help with Conversations with Amelia. I am sure glad I was persuaded to put my manuscript before an editor before sending it out.

Kathleen Schmitt

Islands Unto Ourselves. A novel by Gomathy Puri. Published by Larkuma, 2012.

Trade paperback, 259 pages


From the Acknowledgements . . .

To Joyce Gram and Uma Parameswaran, two extraordinarily gifted editors, I owe a huge debt of gratitude. Your advice and insights have helped to bring the book to its final form. I have learnt much from both of you.

Gomathy Puri

Shattered Tears for My Homeland. A novel by Sheila Bali. Publication anticipated in 2015.

Read the opening chapter.

Visit Sheila's blog to learn about the story.

What you did to the [blog] post was breathtaking. You are a master editor.

Your comments are on target and very much appreciated. I feel that you are in the driver's seat and I need you to navigate me. I feel very comfortable working with you.

Sheila Bali

Behind the Steam: The Inside Story of the Gastown Steam Clock. Daryl R. Stennett. Published by pellucid expressions publishing, Sechelt, B.C., 2011.

Fully illustrated coffee table book, 126 pages


Joyce, my grammarian of choice. Thanks for making this book so much better than it was! We'll do more!

Daryl R. Stennett

Leaking Money: How Your Business Is Losing Money, Opportunities and Customers, and How to Stop It. Brenda Crompton and Robert Hubbs. Published by Infinitus Enterprise Services Inc., Vancouver, B.C., 2011.

Hardcover, 208 pages, with resources and index

Thank you, Joyce, for being our editor. Your insightful changes and comments we really appreciated, along with your dedication to meeting our tight timelines.

Brenda Crompton and Robert Hubbs

And on the writing of the back cover blurb . . .

We love it! You are brilliant and I am so happy that you are our editor.

Brenda Crompton

Book Magic: Turning Writers into Published Authors, 3rd edition. Julie H. Ferguson. Published by Beacon Publishing, Port Moody, B.C., 2011.



I offer my heartfelt appreciation to Joyce Gram—simply the best editor and formatter any author can have.

Julie H. Ferguson

So We Put the Kettle On. Annette June Montemurro. Sequel to Any Danger of Getting a Cup of Tea. Published by Stoney Creek Publishing, Coquitlam, B.C., 2010.

Memoir, 127 pages


I am grateful to Joyce Gram, who copyedited and proofread the text and gave me constructive ideas.

Annette June Montemurro

The Future of Seniors Housing: Planning, Building and Operating Successful Seniors Housing Projects. Kate Mancer. Published in Vancouver, B.C., 2010.

Paperback, 142 pages, with index

Joyce Gram encouraged me and also kept me from going crazy on several occasions. Joyce, you are amazing! You certainly get my vote for editor of the year. Many thanks.

Kate Mancer

Conscious Aging Conversations Journal. Pat Bronson. Published by Tell-A-Vision Productions, Vancouver, B.C., 2010.

Workshop manual, 26 pages


I thank you so much for your help and support to make this project a success. My maiden voyage into publishing was made much easier with your suggestions.

Pat Bronson

Trashed! How Political Garbage Made the United States Canada's Largest Dump. Gordon McGuinty with Elizabeth Fournier. Foreword by Paul Godfrey. Published by Elevation Press, Toronto, Ontario, 2010.

Paperback, 422 pages, with bibliographic references and index

Text design by Joyce Gram

I want to thank you for the work and energy you have put into this. We have a real book, and I think it's great. And I repeat: without you, it would never be where it is . . . your thoroughness is awesome. Thanks!

Gordon McGuinty

Thank you, Joyce. Your commitment and concern for this project are all over it. You don't miss anything. We could not have done this without you.

Elizabeth Fournier

Brand Your Fire: Ignite the Spark Within, Get What You Want in Business. Monica Magnetti, Branding Consultant. Published by Luna Coaching, Vancouver, B.C., 2010.

Promotional guide, 22 pages


I was amazed by the amount of work you did. You polished it and refined it perfectly. I love the way it reads, and now it has a freshness that it didn't have before. Thank you!

Monica Magnetti

Paradise Stolen: How a Canadian Couple Fell Victim to Mexico's Justice System. Irma West. Published by Cresyl Press, Vancouver, B.C., 2009.

Memoir, 207 pages

Text design by Joyce Gram


Joyce Gram was always focused and artful about the purpose of the book and did her best to keep me on track. Joyce is a guru of punctuation and grammar and, as well, edited the spelling to keep it 100 percent Canadian. She can improve a whole paragraph by changing a single word, and often did. I'm deeply grateful for her input and guidance.

Irma West

The Semiahmoo Trail: Myths Makers Memories. Ron Dowle. Published by the Surrey Historical Society, Surrey, B.C., 2008.

Historical monograph, 68 pages, with bibliographic references and index

Design by Joyce Gram


Thank you for your good work and patience in dealing with problems. I hope that this book will prove to be a useful, long-lasting contribution to a small part of Surrey's history and that it will merit the high-quality, professional treatment you have given it.

Ron Dowle

Not only was Joyce Gram able to fine tune our manuscript, she also helped with headings, titles, formatting and layoutall the details that make for an attractive book that will entice a buyer to pick it up and the reader to turn the pages. Working with her was a pleasure.

Surrey Historical Society

The Autumn Ring: Reflections on Life and Aging. Gail Stevenson and Don S. Cochrane, 2008.

Memoir, 129 pages


I wanted to tell you how incredibly pleased Gail and I were with the excellent editing job that you did. It was a double gift for both of us. It made the book flow so much better and it was a valuable learning experience. Not only did we receive an excellent editor, but a teacher who has positively affected our present and future work. As an added bonus, with two people writing the book, you were able to retain the individual voices and messages of each author, which was critical to telling this story properly. We could not be more pleased.

Don Cochrane

Fatal Encryption: An Alex Bellamy Mystery. A novel by Debra Purdy Kong. Published by Gypsy Moon Press, Port Moody, B.C., Canada, 2008.

Trade paperback, 370 pages


A special thank you to Joyce Gram, editor extraordinaire and grammar specialist, who inspired me to actually read a book on grammar and punctuation. She gave me her best.

Debra Purdy Kong

A Firm Place to Stand: Finding Meaning in a Life with Bipolar Disorder. Marja Bergen. Published by Marja Bergen, Burnaby, B.C., Canada, 2008.

Memoir, 220 pages


You're a tough task-master, but I'm so glad you are. Knowing I had the best possible help was a comfort and encouragement. I don't know what I would have done without you.

Marja Bergen


Newsletters, reports, magazine articles, booklets, brochures

Includes writing, editing, designing and formatting


Small Lot Agriculture Industry Development Fund: Report to Funders. Fraser Valley Farm Direct Marketing Association, March 2009.

Bound report, 39 pages

Design by Joyce Gram


The Tax Tipper, newsletter of PTC Canada, "The Late Filing Specialists"

Tax booklets and guides, magazine articles, bulletins

Design by Joyce Gram




Includes writing, editing and regular updating

For parents and others in public education

Individual Education Plans: A Guide for Parents

Catherine Abraham and Joyce Gram, revised and reprinted 2014.

Reading: Breaking Through the Barriers. A Discussion Guide

Catherine Abraham and Joyce Gram, 2009.

Republished in 2012 in Australia by MultiLit Pty Ltd of Sydney, Australia, in celebration of the National Year of Reading in Australia: click here.

Aboriginal Education: A Discussion Guide

Catherine Abraham and Joyce Gram, 2008.

Building Student Success in B.C.'s Public Schools: A Guide for Parents

Catherine Abraham and Joyce Gram, 2007.

Student Assessment in B.C.'s Public Schools: A Guide for Parents

Catherine Abraham and Joyce Gram, 2007.



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